Enhancements to MCommunity Group expiration and renewal

Yellow block M with the words "MCommunity" and "university of Michigan"

On December 8, an MCommunity release improved deactivated and expired group functionality. Instead of deleting groups as they do today, owners now deactivate groups, thus affording all owners an option to restore groups.

My Groups in MCommunity now includes a new Trash tab showing group owners all their deactivated and expired groups. 

  • Owners can recover groups for 30 days after they are deactivated (moved to Trash) by any owner.
  • Owners can recover groups for one year after they expire on the Trash tab.
  • Owners can permanently delete groups on the Trash tab during the recovery period if appropriate.
  • Groups on the Trash tab are not fully functional and will not deliver email to group members.

The associated email notifications have also been improved:

  • New: Group owners are notified when a group is deactivated by any owner.
  • Changed: Previously, group owners were notified 90 and 30 days before a group expired; they will now be notified 30 days before and immediately after expiration. The wording of notifications is also changing.

Since the release of the new MCommunity Directory on July 31, dozens of other useful enhancements have been made, including:

  • improved accessibility, search, and error handling
  • updated people pages
  • enhanced usability through many user interface (UI) refinements, including mobile
  • search performance improvements
  • better functionality for forwarding addresses and aliases
  • new options for filtering your groups
  • enhanced visibility for pronouns
  • support of indefinite end dates in away messages
  • expanded use of people profile pictures