SUMIT 2022: Safe Computing for Everyone

SUMIT IT Security Event Series

As part of this fall’s SUMIT series of weekly events, the Education and Engagement team of ITS Information Assurance (IA) presented on how they curate knowledge, develop training, and create awareness for U-M community members to protect themselves and the U. The team of Performance Support Analysts featured “Jen and the Matts” (Jen Wilkerson, Matt Ranville, and Matt Martin), who covered the variety of ways they provide meaningful resources for the U-M community and beyond. The areas of focus included:

  • Safe Computing Website: Matt Ranville gave an in-depth tour of Safe Computing to show how to navigate the continually growing award-winning website. The site covers topics to help you Be Aware of phishing scams, fraud and more, Protect Yourself with advice from security experts, and Protect the U with security tools. The newest features of the site are the Library, which links to all the IA publications, training, and awareness resources, and the Media Archive that offers a collection of posters, social media, videos, and graphics for promoting best practices in privacy and cybersecurity.
  • Training Designed for U-M: Matt Martin described the different levels of training offered, from specialized courses on compliance guidelines (HIPAA, PCI) to high-level introductory activities for new staff. The highlighted and newest offering is the Data Protection 100: Your Shared Responsibility course, which is recommended for all incoming employees. The course provides an overview of why it is important to protect U-M data and resources, what risks exist and how you can avoid them, and how you can fulfill your responsibility for protecting the university.
  • Education and Engagement Outreach: Jen Wilkerson covered the multitude of strategies and tactics that the team employs to engage the U-M community and promote IA services. Whether it’s the fun and lighthearted #SecureLifeOfPets campaign on Twitter, informative presentations on security capabilities, detailed documentation about IA projects, the E&E team strives to provide relevant and actionable information to people across all levels of the university.

If you didn’t make it to the Safe Computing for Everyone session, check out the presentation slides to learn more and for links to all the resources.