Your smartphone can help fight COVID. Here’s how.

By | February 9, 2021
animated man with shield emerging from cell phone
(Michigan Health/stock image)

Smartphones have helped many people get through the pandemic. They’ve given us a way to connect with friends and family, manage work or school assignments, pass the time with games and social media, order food, track exercise and keep up on the news.

But did you know your smartphone can help fight COVID-19? It’s true – and it’s easy.

“You’ve got a powerful tool right in your hands, and you can play a role in taming this pandemic and helping get to widespread vaccination so we can get back to normal,” says Preeti Malani, chief health officer for the University of Michigan and an infectious disease physician at Michigan Medicine. “Of course, not everyone has a smartphone, including about one-third of people over 65, but the rest of us can use our phones to help those who don’t – or point them to other ways of helping with these goals.”

Here are six ways to use your device to help yourself and others.