CISO Tuesdays features U-M’s Sol Bermann

By | October 22, 2020
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(Joel Iverson, ITS Communications)

CISO Tuesdays is a Medium blog, crowdsourced from higher education, that provides a snapshot of a “typical” day for a chief information security officer. Recently, U-M’s own CISO, Sol Bermann, shared a post describing how the pandemic has less changed things in regard to information security and higher ed, but rather simply “made them more.”

Entitled My days are all Tuesday Or The New Normal is there is No Normal (and there never was), his post examines how challenges in relation to higher ed’s mission, cybersecurity, and leadership that existed before the pandemic have become amplified or magnified.

“The ‘more’ of this amplified reality is more challenging, more scary, more tragic…but we can choose how to respond,” Bermann writes. “Ironically, for this cynical CISO, it is making me more thoughtful, loving, caring, compassionate, and, dare I say, even hopeful.”