Student teams create two new video games over the summer

By | August 27, 2020
Desolation Place, Bloom
(Wolverine Soft Studio)

Videogame development is a hot topic at Michigan. This summer two teams of U-M undergrads, working remotely because of the Covid-19 outbreak, conceived, designed, and developed two videogames:

  • Desolation Place—a 3D first-person stealth horror game, and
  • Bloom: Tome of Power—a first person shooter inspired by genre defining games such as DOOM, Hexen, and Dusk.

Advised by CSE lecturer Austin Yarger and led by students Amber Renton and Nico Williams, both games are ready to play and have been released by WolverineSoft Studio, the U-M student development studio advised by Yarger.

“Amid significant disruption and challenges, they managed to pull together and invest themselves thoroughly in these projects, completing two of the studio’s most impressive, impactful games in record time,” says Yarger. “It’s a tremendous credit to the studio’s student leadership and its diverse coalition of ever-improving student developers. These are the efforts that open doors.”