Boardwork in online classes

By | August 20, 2020
smartphone on a stack of books, pointing down toward a hand writing on a piece of paper
(LSA Technology Services)

Boardwork is an essential part of any course that requires free-hand writing, for example math or languages with non-Latin scripts. If you support faculty who use boardwork as part of their teaching, here are two options from LSA Technology Services that achieve the same effect online

Digital whiteboard: The first option is to use an electronic whiteboard. This requires a capacitive stylus of some kind and a touch-surface to write on, such as a tablet. With those two things, instructors can make fullest use of the Zoom whiteboard feature or simply use a blank slide or Google Doc, while sharing a screen.

Document camera whiteboard: The second option involves using a phone as a document camera and a piece of paper as the whiteboard. This option does not require a stylus or touch-surface. This can either be recorded as a video for upload to Canvas, or can be shown live using the same screen-sharing mentioned above.