K-12 online learning platform from U-M sees dramatic rise in use

By | June 29, 2020

Wendy Skinner, like thousands of K-12 Michigan teachers, wasn’t sure where to turn when the Michigan Department of Education released its “Learning at a Distance” guidelines in early April which required teachers to continue student learning at home during the pandemic.

Looking for guidance, Skinner attended a webinar on the Collabrify Roadmap Platform. Roadmaps, developed by the Center for Digital Curricula at the U-M College of Engineering, provide teachers with scheduling customizable templates that include all activities that would normally take place in their in-person classrooms. 

“Roadmaps are the only thing I’ve seen where I can plug in my skills for my kids in the way that I’d do it in the classroom,” Skinner said. “The kids have a schedule, and there’s a nice visual finish and sequence to it. It’s all in one place and I can monitor it and look at what they’ve done. I can make sure that it includes the things that I value and make my connections with the kids meaningful.”

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