New programs in data science & analytics at UM-Flint offer innovative career pathways

By | March 6, 2020
Female student and male instructor siting at computer, working.
UM-Flint has introduced innovative programming in data science & analytics at the undergraduate & graduate levels (UM-Flint).

UM-Flint is poised to help more students to succeed in big data with the introduction of three new programs in data science and analytics offered across three departments and at the undergraduate and graduate levels:

  • B.S. in Mathematics with a concentration in Data Science
  • B.S. in Economics with a concentration in Data Analytics
  • Graduate Certificate in Data Sciences

Close consultation with industry leaders ensured that students in each area gain the skills and experience valued by employers. Courses in computer programming, database design, and data mining are emphasized across programs. Undergraduates gain knowledge in probability and statistics, while students earning the graduate certificate explore advanced topics such as data warehousing and business intelligence.

“We can offer students a concrete career path in a growing field,” says Ricardo Alfaro, chair of the Mathematics Department. “In addition to educating students on specific topics, we help train their minds to solve almost any complex data issue.”