CoE, SI react to allegations of misconduct by computer science professor Jason Mars

By | February 17, 2020
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The faculty at U-M’s computer science and engineering department wrote a letter calling for professor Jason Mars to take a leave of absence, following an investigation from The Verge into his behavior as CEO of Clinc, an AI startup with ties to the school. Michigan’s School of Information also said it was suspending its recruiting relationship with Clinc due to Mars’ alleged conduct.

The allegations outlined in The Verge’s investigation centered on Mars’ role as CEO of Clinc, an AI company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. According to 13 current and former employees, Mars has allegedly engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct with Clinc employees and clients. Two of these allegations resulted in employees filing legal claims against the company. Mars has stepped down as CEO of Clinc, but is not on leave from the university and his employment status has not changed.