Evolving and rebranding ART 2.0 to Atlas

By | September 10, 2019

With 19 schools and colleges as well as 277 degree programs, U-M provides a diverse range of academic opportunities. Navigating through this expansive academic world can be challenging, but the navigation is simplified with the Academic Reporting Tools platform (ART 2.0) — now called Atlas.

David Nesbitt, software portfolio manager at the Center for Academic Innovation, said renaming the tool to Atlas was done primarily to dispel confusion and better connect the name to the functions of the application. “The name ‘Atlas’ fits our platform really well. It guides people in making decisions along their academic journey, helps students chart a path that will get them to their end destination, and helps faculty reflect on the path their students have taken,” he said.

The LSA Information Technology Advisory Committee first developed the application in 2006. In 2014, Academic Innovation selected ART as one of its first three software projects and released a public interface with a U-M login a year later.

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