Teach-out explores intersection of art and tech via Instagram

A screenshot of the top of the Michigan Online Instagram profile. The Michigan Online logo is at the left. The profile statistic are present: 46 posts, 402 followers, and 25 following.
Screenshot of the Michigan Online Instagram profile.

The Office of Academic Innovation is supporting the “Arts and Technology Teach-Out” through the month of July. The teach-out will use the Michigan Online Instagram account to explore the connections between art and technology. The teach-out’s move from a website to Instagram is intended to engage a broad audience of artists, educators, and technologist, as members of these communities tend to already use the platform.

“With current-day trends in technology, we are hoping to explore how art is consumed, created and distributed, along with the intended and unintended consequences that follow with these advancements,” said John Pasquale, who is co-organizing the interactive learning opportunity. Pasquale is an associate professor of conducting and director of the Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands.