U-M provides tech expertise on digital mental health tools for students

Outline of a human head with gears in the brain and a drawing on a clipboard.

Researchers from the Healthy Minds Network worked with the Office of Academic Innovation to develop Sage, a digital tool that offers mental health education and support to students. The tool is intended to provide tailored resources to students who completed the national Healthy Minds survey.

U-M students who complete the survey are able to access a Sage trial. After submitting the survey, students are invited to go to the Sage site to see an individualized list of mental health resources based on their responses.

“Mental health is clearly one of the most important and challenging issues in college student populations,” said Daniel Eisenberg from the School of Public Health and the Institute of Social Research. “It’s both a problem and an opportunity: there are lots of ways that campuses can and are addressing student mental health, and our hope is that Sage will join the growing list of effective strategies.”