Dearborn’s Medjahed awarded Distinguished Professor of the Year

UM-Dearborn’s Brahim Medjahed (Source: University of Michigan-Dearborn News)

Brahim Medjahed is the first UM-Dearborn professor to receive the Distinguished Professors of the Year from the Michigan Association of State Universities. Medjahed, one of three recipients, was selected for his “significant impact on undergraduate student learning.”

Medjahed, who teaches computer science, is known for making class materials easily accessible to students of different backgrounds and experience levels. “I want my students to look at it as a piece of art,” Medjahed explains. “Thinking of it that way pushes them to think beyond the syntax or the technical aspects of the code and see its underlying architecture. That approach is important for all students to learn, but it works particularly well with those who aren’t majoring in computer science.”

Medjahed was recently also awarded with UM-Dearborn’s Distinguished Teaching Award (2018) and was appointed as an associate dean for academic programs and initiatives at U-M’s Rackham Graduate School (2019).