UM-Dearborn implements encryption program

lock over code

UM-Dearborn ITS has kicked off a new initiative to encrypt users’ endpoint devices (laptop and desktop computers). This effort dramatically improves the way UM-Dearborn secures its endpoints, and the data and services they touch. In addition, it helps bring campus in line with U-M IT security policies and standards.

The effort initially rolled out to two departments that handle sensitive data every day: Registration and Records and Institutional Research. By the end of summer, all UM-Dearborn ITS managed laptops will be encrypted. Desktops of departments that have access to data classified as Moderate and High will be encrypted as well.

Dearborn ITS, which manages about 95% of all endpoint devices on campus, is encrypting these machines as part of its standard imaging process for all laptops and users that handle sensitive data. They plan to leverage the Windows 10 upgrade to enable encryption on all Windows laptops, while Mac devices will use FileVault for drive encryption.

“We are excited to have our end devices fully encrypted,” says Carrie Shumaker, CIO for the Dearborn campus. “Bringing our campus in line with the encryption standard ensures that we are doing everything we can to properly secure our most sensitive data.”