Report: Top universities in U.S. targeted by Chinese hackers

By | March 14, 2019
man at computer viewed through a magnifying glass
(geralt/Pixabay/CC0 Creative Commons)

U-M CIO Ravi Pendse was quoted in a recent article about how new cybersecurity intelligence suggests that Chinese hackers are ramping up their efforts to steal military research secrets from U.S. universities.

According to a report in “The Wall Street Journal,” Chinese hackers targeted institutions and researchers with expertise in undersea technology as part of a coordinated cybercampaign that began in April 2017. China is not the first country to target U.S. universities. Last year nine Iranian hackers were charged for their role in a phishing scam that attempted to steal the passwords of hundreds of thousands of professors.

Pendse said he was not surprised to hear about the cyberattacks. “This has been going on for a while. The national state actors might change. But work going on at U.S. institutions will always be of interest to someone.”