Google Apps Script UI service ending

By | February 21, 2019
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Google announced that it will discontinue its Apps Script UI Service on July 15, 2019.

Apps Script is a development platform used to create applications that integrate with G Suite. Only the UI service is being discontinued. Apps Script will remain available. We have notified affected U-M users based on a list we received from Google. This is a general announcement to deter any further use of the UI service.

Google deprecated the Apps Script UI Service in December, 2014. Any projects using the Apps Script UI Service will cease to function starting July 15. While Google has no direct migration process for existing UI service projects, Google App Maker can be used to create applications in G Suite and can create similar UI applications.

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One thought on “Google Apps Script UI service ending

  1. Mitchell Kuch

    For anyone else a bit perplexed by this announcement, I’ve dug a little deeper and formed the non-authoritative summary below.

    o The Google Apps Scrip UI Service is not the Google Apps Script UI that initially comes to mind
    o You are not likely using the Google Apps Scrip UI Service
    o Google Apps Script service remains supported
    o Google Apps Script is sometimes is found within and sometimes referred to as the G Suite Developers Hub
    o The Web Interface and UI for Google Apps Script at remains supported
    o The Google Apps UI Service was deprecated in December 2014 and is now being turned off (

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