Symposium celebrates 30 years of Artificial Intelligence at Michigan

By | November 23, 2018
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Keynote speaker and U-M alumnus Scott Huffman. (CSE)

The Michigan AI Lab celebrated 30 years of leading research with its first AI Symposium, AI for Society, which took place on November 10. The event welcomed 250 participants from U-M and around the country for a day of presentations, panel discussions, and poster sessions. Presenters gave a broad picture of AI’s applications in the modern world, from finance to health, art to data science.

The symposium, open to the public, aimed to bring together participants from both academia and industry with an interest in the foundations or real-life applications of artificial intelligence. Leading the research talks and panel sessions were several faculty from the lab’s nineteen core members.

The event featured U-M alumnus Scott Huffman (CSE MSE 1990, Ph.D. 1994) as keynote speaker, who spoke about how to build real-world AI products. Huffman is VP of engineering for Google Assistant, Google’s conversational AI that interactively helps people find answers on speakers, smart displays, smartphones, and vehicles.