New BlueJeans desktop app includes modern interface, more features

By | October 19, 2018

Information and Technology Services (ITS) continues to work with BlueJeans Network to deliver industry-leading videoconferencing, content sharing, and real-time video to the University of Michigan.

BlueJeans is U-M’s preferred conferencing service and is available today at no extra cost to your unit.

What’s new

The updated desktop app, version 2.8 for Windows and Mac, is designed for speed and simplicity. A visual refresh brings an interface that is modern and intuitive. The app includes core features of version 1.0, with more in development. Video Sharing and Remote Desktop Control will be coming soon. Features include:

  • Customizable layouts — Choose the layout that best fits your need in each meeting
  • Screen-Share-Only mode — Join meetings solely to participate in content sharing (without audio or video)

A screenshot of the BlueJeans videoconference interface shows a visually refreshed interface

There are multiple ways to join a meeting from the new App Dashboard (pictured above):

  1. Click to start your Personal meeting , or
  2. Click for two more join options: screen share only mode, or, using your phone for audio, or
  3. Hover over an upcoming meeting to view meeting details. Click the join button to enter, or
  4. Manually enter a Meeting ID and passcode (optional) and click Join to enter another meeting

Before joining the meeting, you have the option to adjust your settings:

  1. Mute your camera or mic before entering the meeting, if needed
  2. Click Settings to select your device (camera, mic or speaker), to make sure the right one is in use

Read more about the updated app:

How to get started

  1. Register for an account at and click Login.
  2. Install the software
    • If you are using a MiWorkspace-enabled machine, visit the MWS Software Center to install BlueJeans. Instructions for Windows users and Mac users.
    • On your personal device, visit Click download, open the installer, and follow the prompts.
    • Michigan Medicine users will have the updated software installed automatically on their managed devices.
  3. Log in with the U-M BlueJeans account you created in step 1.

Note: BlueJeans requires special permissions with macOS Mojave. Learn more.

Looking for training or support? For information about training resources, email For support, contact the ITS Service Center. Units that are outside of the scope of ITS, or that need classroom BlueJeans support, should contact their local units. Michigan Medicine users should contact (Level 2 needed) or 6-8000.

For large-scale events

A special type of meeting, called BlueJeans Events, are not yet integrated into BlueJeans version 2.8, but a separate app is available—visit and scroll down to Tools. Participants can also simply join BlueJeans Events from a web browser. BlueJeans Events provide a more controlled environment in which moderators can mute or promote presenters and stream to thousands of passive viewers.

Why use BlueJeans at U-M?

  1. Units cover the cost — Most likely, your unit already pays for it. The cost to cover BlueJeans is billed to participating units.
  2. HIPAA compliance — BlueJeans can be used to discuss Protected Health Information, like patient names, thanks to an agreement between U-M and BlueJeans Network.
  3. Works with Weblogin — No need to create a separate account: log in with your U-M uniqname and Level-1 password at
  4. Trusted relationship — ITS has negotiated a data protection agreement with BlueJeans Network, and also ensured the service works across the U-M community.
  5. Recorded meetings — Capture and share audio and video from any BlueJeans meeting.

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