Own a Google Site? Now is the time to think about converting to new Sites

screenshot of new google sites UI

As first announced on July 18, Google has provided an automatic migration tool to transfer from Google “classic” Sites to new Sites. “Although Google has not yet announced a date to end classic Sites, we strongly encourage you to start preparing now to convert your classic Sites,” says Brian Cors, ITS service manager for U-M Google. “This will help avoid a last minute rush and possible loss of your Sites content.”

The migration tool makes it quick and easy to move sites by automatically creating a draft of the classic Site in new Sites. This new draft will have the updated look and feel of new Sites, and contain the content from the classic Site. When the new Google Site is ready to go live, it can either be published to the URL of the classic Site (to replace the original and automatically redirect viewers) or published to a new URL.

Visit the online Google Help Center to find out more about how to convert a classic Site to a new Site and what to expect when you convert a site. For information about accessibility and Google Sites, see Google Sites Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

Author: Rita Girardi, ITS Communications

Rita is a member of the ITS communications team and editor of Michigan IT News. Contact her at girardi@umich.edu.