Academic Innovation offers Communities of Practice

By | October 15, 2018

Each academic term and year, the Office of Academic Innovation hosts communities of practice any faculty or staff may join. Current offerings are listed below.

  • Gameful Learning Community of Practice: Gameful teaching is a pedagogical approach that takes inspiration from how good games function and applies that to the design of learning environments. Gameful seeks to support students’ intrinsic motivation by building structures for student autonomy, opportunities to demonstrate competency and by facilitating interpersonal connections. This community of practice is designed to engage in meaningful and productive discussion about their use of gameful principles in teaching, including sharing successes and challenges, to help create a more motivational environment for all learners. Next meeting: Thursday, November 1, noon–1 p.m., Boardroom 4, Palmer Commons.
  • Simulations Community of Practice: The Simulations Community of Practice is an interdisciplinary group of U-M staff and faculty who meet regularly to discuss the development and implementation of simulation-based teaching tools. Participants explore the benefits and challenges of simulation activities, as well as share experiences and resources. All instructors and staff who create and/or facilitate simulation activities for the classroom, or who are interested in doing so, are welcome to attend. Next meeting: Monday, November 15, 9–10 a.m., Large Glass Conference Room of the Academic Innovation Space, Hatcher Graduate Library.
  • Public Engagement: A future community of practice focused on public engagement is in the works. Stay tuned for more details.

Stay updated on all Academic Innovation communities of practice by visiting their events calendar.