Michigan Online: “Here to Learn” — Together

By | October 10, 2018
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“As Michigan Online moves from infancy, learners will discover that we are not simply scaling content, courses, or curriculum, but rather, we are scaling communities for learning.” — James DeVaney

Some of Michigan’s most innovative strategies for online learning are based on values held throughout its 200-plus year history. In an interview with “Campus Technology” magazine, James DeVaney, U-M’s associate vice provost for academic innovation, explains why Michigan Online — a relatively recent initiative — brings communities of motivated learners together, both to learn together and to apply their knowledge to solving significant problems.

Working in the Office of Academic Innovation, DeVaney helps guide Michigan Online toward realizing two of its most ambitious, related goals: (1) to create an environment that serves those who seek to adopt a “learning lifestyle” — those who can articulate why they are “here to learn” — and (2) to empower communities who wish to learn and create together. DeVaney talked about the potential of Michigan Online to offer new, innovative learning experiences that break new ground in online programs while supporting U-M’s strongest and longest-held values for learning.