All CTools sites are now read-only

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The ITS team working to retire CTools recently achieved a major milestone by completing the process to make all remaining CTools sites read-only. This means that CTools course and project sites can still be viewed, but can no longer be modified.

All CTools content will remain available in a read-only state at least through July 1, 2019, and owners of read-only sites can still download content. Email bounce-back messages have also been set up for read-only sites to let users know that CTools sites are no longer accepting email. Exempted sites and their email addresses remain active, including all sites designated as possibly having ITAR/EAR data.

“The effort to make CTools sites read-only involved many hours of preparation and a number of technical challenges,” said Jennifer Love, the project manager for retiring CTools. “I’m very grateful to the terrific ITS team and our campus partners who helped us reach this major objective.”

According to Love, approximately 55,000 CTools project sites and 95,000 course sites are now in a read-only state. (Course sites in CTools had already been partially deactivated when the university moved to Canvas as its learning management system in 2016.) She added that over the next several months, further evaluation and consultation with university stakeholders will take place to determine an approach for ultimately decommissioning CTools.

Visit the project website for more information. If you need assistance or have questions, email the project team at

Author: Rita Girardi, ITS Communications

Rita is a member of the ITS communications team and editor of Michigan IT News. Contact her at