ARC-TS seeks pilot users for new storage offerings

By | September 24, 2018
data system storage racks

(Brock Palen/ARC-TS)

Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services (ARC-TS) is seeking pilot users for two new research services.

The first, Locker, is group project storage focused on large data sets, and is available at a cost less than half that of current primary storage services. Locker still provides encryption, replication, snapshots, and workstation access. Example use cases for Locker are research projects in climate, genomics, imaging, and other data intensive sciences.

The second service, Data Den, provides archive class storage for research data that is not actively used. As our lowest cost research storage offering, Data Den provides “cold storage” for massive amounts of data with 20 petabytes of encrypted and replicated capacity. Data Den’s service model aims to address the needs of researchers to preserve data between rounds of funding and management plans, and to free up space in more expensive primary storage of valuable, but not currently used, data.

Those interested in participating in the pilots should contact ARC-TS at