Helping students maintain mental wellbeing in a digital world

By | April 13, 2018
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Kristine Konz of the U-M Depression Center leads a seminar on Self-Care in a Digital World. (Chris Fcasni/Daily)

Campus Mind Works, a student wellness group that promotes mental health education and provides support through the U-M Depression Center, recently held a seminar on the potentially harmful effects of a world increasingly dependent on technology. Held in partnership with the College of Engineering, the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center, and clinical staff affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry, participants received information about practicing self-care in a digital world while allowing them to connect with other students who may have shared similar experiences.

Kristine Konz, a clinical social worker at the Depression Center, explained how pervasive technology is and how we have molded our lives around it.  “With less face-to-face contact, social circles become smaller, even though more time is spent on social media,” Konz said. She also discussed the concept of information overload, too many virtual friends to stay in touch with, and growing concerns over the lack of privacy on social media.