New app reinvents U-M bus system to be more like Uber

By | February 6, 2018
RITMO vans

(Max Kuang/Daily

Reinventing Urban Transportation and Mobility (RITMO) aims to revolutionize public transit through an online app that turns transportation into an on-demand service. RITMO, partnering with Ford Motor Company, will allow students, faculty, and staff to use on-demand shuttle transportation linked with the U-M bus system.

Pascal Van Hentenryck, a professor at the College of Engineering who leads the project, hopes to resolve inefficiencies that occur when individuals have to walk more than a “comfortable distance” (typically 1/4 mile) to access public transportation. The app, which currently serves travelers on North Campus, launched on January 16. Developers hope to eventually expand the service to the whole university. Read the story in The Michigan Daily.