Use new address for reporting phishing

There’s a new address for reporting phishing emails at U-M:

image of shark fin on computer screen

Previously, people were asked to report phishing to the IT User Advocate at, Information Assurance (IA) is now asking that these reports go to instead. We’ll use the new address for the UM-Ann Arbor campus, but Michigan Medicine is going to hold off on rolling out use of the new address for now.

Why the new address? IA is streamlining and automating processes to enable staff members to more quickly collect threat intelligence and act on it. This work is being coordinated by the Security Operations Center (SOC), which began operations in March.

Use of the new address allows phishing reports to go directly to the SOC for immediate action. SOC staff members can update the threat intelligence used to block malicious websites, protect email, inform firewalls, and more based on the phishing reports. Phishing reports sent to,, or the ITS Service Center will get to the SOC, but they must be manually sorted from among many kinds of reports sent to those addresses.