Learn about AWS with free M Cloud workshop

The M Cloud and AWS teams are pleased to offer free, hands-on cloud computing workshops. There is no charge for the training: all you need is some time and an AV-equipped room that holds 25-30 people. We ask attendees to bring their own laptop, so you do not need to supply computers. Below is a typical agenda, but we can customize the content and session times based on your unit’s needs and interests:

  • 9 am–10: 30 am: General introduction session, AWS 101. This is the basic lab for people who are new to AWS.
  • 10:45 am–12:15 pm: Advanced lab session open discussion for users. This is for personnel who want a more advanced session with AWS.
  • 1 pm–2 pm: “Ask the AWS SA anything” open Q&A session.
  • 2 pm–4 pm: Scheduled 1-on-1 sessions for people who have specific questions.

Let us know if you would like to schedule an AWS cloud services training session for your group or unit. For more information, email MCloud.Support@umich.edu, or contact the M Cloud service manager directly: Mark Personett (734)647-1693, persie@umich.edu.


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