Latest Gartner online research

By | April 19, 2017

As a reminder, U-M subscribes to the “Gartner for Technical Professionals” (GTP) online research service, which is available to U-M staff in IT job families. (See the list below for some of the latest relevant GTP research.) To access these documents please log in to the Gartner service via the U-M Library: Once authenticated, copy and paste the document title into the search bar, and use the search function to locate the relevant document.


  • Assessing Event-Driven Middleware Technology for Modern Application Architecture
  • A Bimodal Approach to Agile Web Application Architecture
  • Building Continuous Delivery Confidence With Test-Driven Development
  • A Guidance Framework for Testing Web APIs


  • Decision Point for Selecting a Public Cloud Management Strategy
  • Developing a Public Cloud IaaS Adoption and Migration Framework
  • Comparing Hybrid Orchestration Architectures for Multicloud Container Workloads
  • Comparing Three Approaches to AWS-Based Disaster Recovery
  • Security/IAM
  • A Comparison of UEBA Technologies and Solutions
  • A Technical Primer for Assessing a Blockchain Platform
  • Demystifying Security Analytics: Sources, Methods and Use Cases
  • Improving Malware Protection Maturity by Using Attack Scenarios
  • Guidance for Deploying Privileged Account and Session Management Tools
  • A Guidance Framework for Deploying PKI
  • Decision Point for User Authentication
  • Evaluation Criteria for Identity Governance and Administration
  • Mitigate Risk With an Effective Access Certification Program


  • How Microsoft Teams Reshapes Office 365
  • How to Evaluate Public Cloud SaaS Providers and Their Solutions by Developing RFP Criteria
  • Four Steps to Improve Content Services GovernancSolution Path for Implementing Unified Communications


  • Architect Your Internet of Things System by Using the Gartner IoT Reference Model
  • A Guide to Deploying IoT Analytics, From Edge to Enterprise

Professional Dev

  • Technical Professionals Must Learn How to Effectively Communicate Business Opportunities