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Did you know EDUCAUSE has 60 constituent and discussion groups? Here is just a sampling of the many that are available:

  • cloud computing
  • digital signage
  • diversity in IT
  • enterprise content management
  • health sciences
  • governance, risk, and compliance

  • mobile technologies
  • privacy and security
  • project management
  • research computing
  • service management
  • wireless

As a participant in open, informal “communities of practice,” you will find the responsiveness of an engaged group and a network of professionals. Most groups interact throughout the year via electronic discussions and meet at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. Discussions and meeting minutes are archived and fully searchable. Some EDUCAUSE Discussion Groups are closely tied to current EDUCAUSE programs, such as the Cybersecurity Initiative and the Policy Analysis and Advocacy program. These groups benefit from the support of EDUCAUSE staff liaisons. Consider joining one or more to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a nationwide group of your peers in higher ed IT.