UMSI announces two new information centers

By | March 12, 2017
Low angle photo looking up the face of North Quad, sun and sky in the BG.

North Quad, home to the School of Information. (UMSI)

The School of Information has announced the future establishment of two new information centers to improve communications infrastructure in underserved communities, and advance data usage by organizations that serve populations in those areas. The centers will be designed and managed by Edward Happ, a global IT leader with a background in nonprofit management, consulting, financial information services, and technology. Happ is the newly appointed Executive Fellow at UMSI. The 2G Lab will create a space to test problem solving and the design of tools and applications that work with slower 2G mobile phone technology, which is still the primary way people in developing countries access the internet. The Data4Good Center initially will focus on technology-related data relevant to smaller NGOs and nonprofits, which lack the resources for effective data analysis. “I am looking forward to working in a university setting where I can apply my 40 years of management and technology experience to teach, advise, research, and consult with the next generation of IT leaders,” Happ said.