Fast times at SC16

By | December 15, 2016

Graph of total SCinet traffic monitored by sFlow/NetFlow

Kudos to Ben Meekhof (ARC-TS), and Dan Kirkland and Dan Eklund (ITS) for their support of U-M faculty and staff presenting at SC16, a supercomputing conference hosted in Salt Lake City, November 13–17. The team established a dedicated 100G path from U-M to the SC16 conference center as well as high-speed paths from Indiana University, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University to U-M. Their work proved that the Open Storage Research Infrastructure (OSiRIS) project could deploy at a national scale. U-M’s high-speed path set a new conference record for bandwidth utilization by contributing to an aggregate of more than 1 Tbps in WAN traffic. See video and slides from U-M presentations at SC16.