ITS offers live streaming TV to Ann Arbor campus

By | November 1, 2016

Want to watch live, local TV on the Ann Arbor campus? ITS Infrastructure is introducing Philo internet television, an IP-based solution your unit can use at no cost on computers, tablets, smartphones, and TVs connected to the UM-Ann Arbor network.Philo internet television

Philo offers an HD picture, 20+ hours of DVR storage per user, and supports U-M single sign-on. The Philo channel lineup currently includes 24 local broadcast channels, including the major networks and public television from Detroit and Flint. Philo-supported devices include Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and certain Roku models with Ethernet connectivity.

Use Philo in your unit

With its range of programming, consider using Philo to provide free, IP-based television content in your unit’s waiting rooms, common areas, or classrooms. Typically, an Ethernet-connected Roku device is used to connect to a television. The Philo system also has a number of open channels available to carry content that would support your unit’s mission, whether that content comes from an external source or is created on campus. If you have ideas for future Philo programming, email

Watch live or record

To get started, visit and log in using your U-M uniqname and password. Under the Live section, select a channel to watch live, or select a program name to record current or upcoming shows. Please remember Philo is available only on the Ann Arbor campus. For help connecting to Philo or to the U-M network, contact the ITS Service Center. To learn more about Philo and its supported devices, refer to the Philo support page.