U-M Pantheon available for your managed websites

By | February 1, 2024
Pantheon logo: a black fist holding a gold lightning bolt.

U-M Pantheon is an ITS web hosting service provided by Pantheon, the top vendor for hosting WordPress and Drupal websites. With U-M Pantheon, you or your unit can put all of your focus and energy toward your site’s content. You won’t have to worry about things like patching or vulnerabilities regarding site maintenance.

New managed WordPress or Drupal websites can be created, and existing websites can be migrated to U-M Pantheon anytime. If you or your unit already have a website hosted on Pantheon, the ITS Web Hosting team can help you migrate to the new university instance. ITS also covers all central or shared costs for providing Pantheon to the university, so you will only be charged for the plan you want and any feature add-ons or professional services from Pantheon for your website.

Why choose U-M Pantheon?

There are many features available to you through U-M Pantheon that may not be available through your current Pantheon contract or web hosting service. ITS’s universitywide Pantheon contract provides data protection, compliance agreements, the lowest Pantheon rates with built-in support, and shortcode-based billing. U-M Pantheon also provides: 

  • Managed WordPress and Drupal websites for all university units, including research groups and student organizations.
  • Enterprise-grade reliability, features, and support that meet the university’s complex business needs. 
  • Integration with Web Single Sign On, MCommunity, outgoing email, and other U-M IT services.
  • Website access to internal university services via a secure VPN tunnel back to campus.
  • Full self-service website dashboard to maintain your WordPress or Drupal websites. 
  • Direct 24×7 Pantheon Diamond support for all of your websites, plus additional support through ITS.
  • Automatic website software and plugin updates to save you work and ensure your sites are never out of date or insecure. 
  • And much more.

U-M Pantheon will eventually replace the ITS AFS Web Virtual Hosting service that has been available since 1998. Both services will remain available in tandem through at least June 2025. ITS strongly recommends units start planning and budgeting now to move their websites out of ITS AFS Web Virtual Hosting and onto U-M Pantheon or an alternative service of their choice.

Visit the U-M Pantheon website to learn more about how U-M Pantheon can benefit you. When you’re ready, submit a request to create or migrate a WordPress or Drupal website to U-M Pantheon. 

If you have any questions about web hosting, including U-M Pantheon or ITS AFS Web Virtual Hosting, please contact webmaster@umich.edu.