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13,300 Access Points (APs) Online. 97% of AP’s had users in the first week. An access point (AP) is a networking hardware device that allows a WiFi device to connect to a wired network. 34 Average Connected Hours, Per Device, Per Week. 9 more hours, per device, per week since last year – a 26% increase. Expanded infrastructure allows for more frequent location and time connections across campus for mobile school work. 630 TeraBytes (TB) of Traffic a Week. 370 more TB of traffic than last year’s peak WiFi week – a 59% increase. 1 TB = 1,000GB An average HD movie is 3GB. 630Tb is the equivalent to 21,000 high definition videos being streamed.** *Staff, student, and faculty members (71,784 in 2016) **Netflix

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