No, we're not implementing 3FA

By | April 1, 2020
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April Fools!

The article that directed you here is a hoax. We're not actually going to implement 3-factor authentication. The company referenced, Trio Security, doesn't exist. Neither does April Dido, it's putative CIO. And despite their video, Stack Overflow didn't really implement Dance Dance Authentication (DDA) back in 2017. Sorry if that's disappointing.

However, we did recently undertake an effort to enroll all U-M students in Duo. Thanks in large part to a cross-campus effort, as of the end of January 2020 over 133,700 U-M students, staff, faculty, and sponsored affiliates are now using Duo two-factor authentication to help protect the privacy of the institution's digital information and assets as well as each individual's personal information.

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